Christian Hunter


Personal and Family Information

Christian was born about 1790, the daughter of unknown parents. The place is not known.

Her husband was Edward Hotchkiss, who she married in ABT 1808 in Scotland. Their four known children were Edward (1811-?), Joseph (c1814-1872), Michael (1816-?) and Helen (1819-?).


BirthABT 1790


Note 1

!Notes: I am making an educated guess with this marriage, that Edwards 1st wife Margaret died sometime after her son Cornelius was born - perhaps in childbirth. There was only one Edward Hotchkiss of a proper age to marry recorded in the area, and that is the one who had been married to Margaret Baad. Edward's son's [Chornelius] christening records and death certificate both fail to show his mother's name, and he named his 1st daughter for Christian, rather than the name of his wife's mother, and his 2nd daughter, who should have been named for his mother had the common name of his natural mother and his wiife's mother.