Personal and Family Information

Beverage was born about 1818, the son of unknown parents. The place is not known.

He died about 1870 in Pittsburgh.

His wife was Hutchison. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. They had no known children.


BirthABT 1818
DeathABT 1870
Place: Pittsburgh
BurialABT 1870


Note 1

!Source: Statement of Geneology, by James Hutchison.

!Extract: The husband was a highly respected Christian man, and a miner. He was shot and killed in his own door after separating his son-in-law from another man [who did the killing] with whom he was quarreling. I think this was the year 1870. I fail to remember the name of the place, but it was at Pittsburgh or some of the mining towns near it. The brother [Pete Hutchison] of my father came to the States in 1870 principally to avenge our uncle's death, but on his return in 1873 I heard him tell my father he found the folks so penitent he had to let all such thoughts drop.