John Beach


Personal and Family Information

John was born on 3 JUN 1623 in England, the son of unknown parents.

He died on 16 JUN 1677 in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

His wife was Mary, who he married in ABT 1650. The place has not been found. Their only known child was Elizabeth (1652-1692).


Birth3 JUN 1623
Place: England
Death16 JUN 1677
Place: Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut


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ohn Beach, The Proprietor of Wallingford/"The Pilgrim"


3 Jun 1623



16 Jun 1677

Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA


Burial Details Unknown

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Bio: John Beach of New Haven, a Biography by Eugene H. Beach Jr., is probably the best

information we have on this John Beach. He and his wife are in New England marriages

prior to 1700 as John Beach & Mary ? New Haven/Stratford CT. Hoadly,

Records of the Colony and Plantation of New Haven, record that he took the oath of

fidelity 1 Jul 1644. He removed to Stratford, CT by 1650, and several other incidences.

His death, 16 Jun 1677 is in Jacobus, History and Genealogy of the Families of Old

Fairfield, Volume 1 page 40, as is the list of children: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas,

Nathaniel, Hannah, Sarah, Isaac, Joseph, Benjamin. Orcutt's History of the Old Town of

Stratford, Connecticut, Vol, I says this John Beach purchased land in Stratford 21 May

1660, and appears in records in 1661. List of children is same.


Some have listed Mary Staples as John's wife. Others have made reference that John had a second wife named Mary.

Notes for JOHN BEACH:

He first appears in the records of New Haven, Connecticut, on 7-Jun-1643. It is universally believed, based on a variety of circumstantial evidence, that John Beach was the brother of Richard and Thomas Beach, both of whom also

settled in New Haven between 1639 and 1646. John later moved to Stratford,Connecticut, c. 1660. He owned land in Wallingford, but does not seem to have lived there himself.

Notes for MARY: She was NOT, as some claim, Mary Staples, daughter of Thomas Staples. The early New England genealogists confused John Beach with his son, John

Beach, Jr.. It was the latter who married Hannah, the daughter of Thomas Staples. Mary, the wife of John Beach, is mentioned only once - at the birth of the youngest son Benjamin - such that it is possible she was a second wife. She is not named in the administration of her husband's estate,and so probably died before him.

Page 412 The History of Fairfield shows Mary Staples as the probable 2nd wife of Josiah Harvey and Hannah Staples as the wife of John Beach. Mary and Hannah were the daughters of Thomas Staples and his wife Mary. Mary Staples Will dated 1696 mentions her sons Thomas and John and her daughters, Mary wife of Josiah Harvey and Hannah wife of John Beach.

Children of JOHN BEACH are:

ELIZABETH BEACH, b. March 20, 1651/52, New Haven, CT

d. 1692 Stratford, CT

m about 1673 Wallingford, CT

Eliasaph Preston

JOHN BEACH, b. April 16, 1654, New Haven, CT

d. 1712, Stratford, CT

NATHANIEL BEACH, b March 1662, Fairfield, CT

d. July 24, 1747.




per source:

BEACH, JOHN, " The Pilgrim."

Born 1620 England

Died 1681



John Beach was married in 1650 To Mary a Danish lady.

Children :

1. Elizabeth b. March 28, 1652.

2. John b. April 1651.

3. Mary b. Sep, 1656.

4. Thomas b. May 1659.

5. Nathaniel b. March 1662.

6. Hannah b. Dec 1665.

7. Sarah b. June 27, 1669.

8. Isaac b. June 27, 1669.

9. Joseph b. Feb. 3, 1671.

10. Benjamin b. March 8, 1673 or 4.

John arrived New Haven, Conn., Jan. 4, 1643 from England, moved to Stratford in 1660 with Richard Beach, and purchased land May 21, 1660. He took up land in Wallingford, Conn. His family resided in Stratford until 1670.

Mr. G. N. Beach, of 19 Campbell Park, Chicago, 111., July 6, 1901, says "We have been for some years compiling a genealogy of the Beach tribes and have about 3,000 of our name in a direct line from the three " Pilgrim " brothers, Richard, John and Thomas, of the New Haven Colony."

Note— Sarah Wells, born Sept. 28, 1659, married Benjamin Beach of Stratford, Feb. 1, 1678. Joseph Whitney of Watertown, married Martha Beach, daughter of Richard Beach of Watertown, Jan. 15, 1675.

Family Members


Elizabeth Beach Preston


Mary Abigail Beach Tuttle


John Beach Jr


Thomas Beech


Nathaniel Beach


Hannah Beach Burritt


Isaac Beach


Lieut Joseph Beach