Henrich Normand


Personal and Family Information

Henrich was born about 1680 in St. Envage, Champagne, France, the son of unknown parents.

He died about 1 APR 1746 in Spiesen, Saarland, Germany.

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Johanna Julian, who he married on 8 JUN 1700 in Spiesen, Saarland, Germany. They had no known children.

His second wife was Johanna Jung, who he married on 19 JUN 1714 in Spiesen, Saarland, Germany. Their only known child was Nicolai (c1724-1779).


BirthABT 1680
Place: St. Envage, Champagne, France
DeathABT 1 APR 1746
Place: Spiesen, Saarland, Germany


Note 1

!Source: "Saarländische FamilienKunde", Band 2, Jargang VII - 1974, Heft 27, "Familienkundliche Ergänzungen zu Einwohnerverzeichnissen von SPIESEN von 1688-1788", (page 303-323), von Alois Lorschneider, "Zum Frongelderlas Von 1730", page 308, item 25.

!Notes: "gewes. Soldat (Reg. de Bauvoisi), a.d. Pfarrei St. Envage i.d. Champagne." In English: Ex-Soldier (Regiment of Bauvoisi), from the Parish of St. Envage, in the department of Champaigne, (France).

!Source: "Dictionnaire Des Paroisses Du Ressort Du Parlement De Paris", M. DCC. LXXVI., Chez. Pierre-Guillaume SIMON, Imprimeur du Parlement, rue Mignon Saint André-des-Arcs.

!Notes: Parishes in the Diocess of Beauvais in 1776 (all in Bailliage): Beaumont-fur-Oife, Beauvais, Clermont en Beauvoifis. Records of these parishes were checked, by Rex Hotchkiss, but no related referrences were found.

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