Deborah Churchill


Personal and Family Information

Deborah was born on 7 JAN 1749, the daughter of unknown parents. The place is not known.

She died on 15 JUN 1849 in Plympton, Massachusetts.

Her husband was Ichabod Phinney, who she married on 1 NOV 1770 in Plympton, Massachusetts. Their four known children were Rebecca (1771-1854), Mehitable (1772-?), Barnabas (1774-?) and Deborah (1776-1853).


Birth7 JAN 1749
Death15 JUN 1849
Place: Plympton, Massachusetts


Note 1

!Source:'s OneWorldTree. Unlabeled tree - Contact: Unkown. Contains Finney descendants beginning with Jeffrey, born 1532.