Rachael Bush


Personal and Family Information

Rachael was born about 1878 in Odessa, Ukraine, Russia, the daughter of unknown parents.

Her husband was Samuel Glassman. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their five known children were Louis (c1901-?), Esther [Hesther] (1903-1979), Samuel [Saul] (c1904-c1958), Ida Lila (1910-1989) and Alexander (1912-1993).


BirthABT 1878
Place: Odessa, Ukraine, Russia


Note 1

!Source: ancestry.com 1921 Census of Canada

Samuel Glasman 46, head, abt 1875, Russia, Year of Immigration:1887

Racheal Glasman 42, wife, abt 1879, Russia, Year of Immigration:1880 <<<

Louis Glasman 20, son, abt 1901, Russia, Year of Immigration:1905

Hester Glasman 18, daughter, abt 1903, Russia, Year of Immigration:1905

Sam Glasman 17, son, abt 1904, Russia, Year of Immigration:1905

Ida Glasman 12, daughter, abt 1909, Quebec

Alexander Glasman 8, son, abt 1913, Quebec

John Jakob 56, roomer, abt 1865, Russia, Year of Immigration:1913

Iren Velstkotch 38, roomer, abt 1883, Russia, Year of Immigration:1913

!Source: ancestry.com 1930 United States Federal Census

Sam Glassman 51, head, abt 1879, Russia, Immigration Year: 1923 [to US]

Rachel Glassman 50, wife, abt 1880, Russia, Immigration Year: 1923 <<<

Ida L Glassman 19, daughter, abt 1911, Canada, Immigration Year: 1923

Alex Glassman 17, son, abt 1913, Canada, Immigration Year: 1923

!Source: ancestry.com California, Death Index, 1940-1997

Name: Lila I Gouterman

[Lila I Glassman]

Social Security #: 562148139

Gender: Female

Birth Date: 26 Mar 1909

Birth Place: Canada

Death Date: 24 Mar 1989

Death Place: Los Angeles

Mother's Maiden Name: Bush <<<

Father's Surname: Glassman

!Source: ancestry.com U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-1960

Name: Rachel Glassman

Gender: Female

Age: 46

Birth Date: abt 1876

Arrival Date: Mar 1922

Port of Arrival: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Record Type: Manifests

Line Number: 24

!Source: ancestry.com U.S., Records of Aliens Pre-Examined in Canada, 1904-1954

Name: Rachel Glassman

Gender: Female

Nationality: Canada

Age: 46

Birth Date: abt 1876

Birth Place: Odessa Russia

Marital Status: Married

Pre-Examination Date: 13 Feb 1922

Pre-Examination Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada